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A retiree healthcare solution

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Fellow firefighters Welcome to the CFBT
A Message From The Chair
Since 2005, represented firefighters have been coming together to proactively plan for the inevitable expenses we’ll face when we finally hang up our turnouts. CFBT is a non-profit, tax-exempt, union-sponsored, multiemployer, VEBA Trust designed to provide our participants with a lifetime stream of income for the reimbursement of post-employment medical expenses.
Governed by firefighters with a team of professional service advisors, CFBT is a Retiree Medical Trust open to all firefighter associations within California and surrounding states. Take a few minutes and explore our website. Our team stands ready to assist your Local in bringing this valuable tax-exempt post-employment benefit to your members.

Brandon Lucore, Chairman, California Firefighters Benefit Trust

Committed to the
Future of all Firefighters

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CFBT Benefits

At CFBT transparency is at our core. All plan documents are posted out front on our website. We believe an informed decision is the best decision. Review our Summary Plan Description and Restated Plan documents to learn how CFBT is designed similar to a pension plan in order to provide tax-exempt benefits for the lifetime of our firefighter participants. Federally regulated under ERISA, CFBT is a 501(c)(9) Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan only available to represented firefighters through collective bargaining.

Our tax-exempt status makes CFBT a superior alternative to 457(b) deferred compensation plans when used for post-employment healthcare expenses. Similar to any other group benefit, your employer must agree to withhold and transfer recurring payroll contributions to CFBT. In addition to recurring payroll contributions, your members can direct tax-free buyouts of accrued leave to CFBT provided this has been spelled out in your MOU. The employer has NO OPEB LIABILITY for the Local’s participation in CFBT. Our team will support your Association and the employer to bring this essential retiree benefit to your members.

CFBT is the only Retiree Medical Trust endorsed by the California State Firefighters Association. Contact us today.

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Contact us today to see what options are available. Our team of professionals will be there to assist you in bringing this exceptional benefit to your members.